Join us for an informational panel that will discuss the current Harvard admissions lawsuit going to trial on October 15th.

Date: Sunday, December 2nd 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Location: Private Residence in Hancock Park

Cost: $15 per person

RSVP: http://hcsc.clubs.harvard.edu/article.html?aid=1112

Questions? Contact: Maiya Williams Verrone, maiyawv@aol.com

In November 2014 Edward Blum created an anti-affirmative action organization called Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) which then sued Harvard, seeking to prevent Harvard College and other colleges and universities from using race as a factor in admissions decisions. If the lawsuit succeeds, it would diminish students’ opportunities to live and learn in a diverse campus environment—denying them the kind of experiences that are central to Harvard’s educational mission and critical for success in our diverse society.

Seven Harvard affiliated organizations who understand the importance of this issue to the university have come together to co-sponsor this event. Panelists will include:

  • Michaele N. Turnage-Young (HLS ’06), Senior Counsel at the NAACP LDF, who represents 25 Harvard students and alumni organizations as amici curiae in the lawsuit.
  • Nicole Gon-Ochi, Supervising Attorney at Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA representing Harvard students as amici curiae in the lawsuit.
  • Dr. David Moguel (HKS ‘00)  CSUN professor of secondary education specializing in building college bound cultures among students of color.
  • Angela Sousa (HLS ’80), an attorney specializing in Business Litigation and Labor and Employment Litigation with an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley.  Ms. Sousa interviewed semi-finalists for an Alumni Association scholarship program at Berkeley when “color-blind” criteria were utilized for scholarship applications.

Find out what’s going on and what you can do!

Hosted by:

Coalition for a Diverse Harvard

First Generation Harvard Alumni

Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance

Harvard Black Alumni Association

Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance

Harvard Law School Association of Los Angeles