Dr. Max “Diego” Hunter

Dr. Max “Diego” Hunter is enthusiastic about promoting wellbeing through community engagement. He manages the Community Innovation Hub at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in Seattle, Washington. He also leads as Storyteller-in-Chief at Stories and Theories: A Narrative-Based Approach to Consulting and Life-Coaching. As a health activist, Dr Max participates in efforts in Seattle’s Central District and South End to promote community-engaged evaluation and measurement guided towards ameliorating social determinants of health and supporting community-defined responses to health disparities among underserved pediatric patients.

 By removing barriers between physicians, scientists, and the community, he hopes to reduce research fatigue and medical mistrust among community members while pursuing community-defined interventions and best practices in the clinical environment. As the storyteller-in-chief at Stories and Theories: A Narrative-based Approach to Consulting and Life-Coaching, he seeks to facilitate personal and professional transformation—whole-person changes—through engagement with critical theory, literacy analysis, autobiography, and memoir.

During the pandemic, Dr. Max revised his award-winning dissertation focusing on Black males experiencing ambivalence regarding identity, black authenticity, literacy, and masculinity:  Speech is My Hammer. As Southern Californian raised during the War on Drugs in an era defined by mass incarceration, he began to forge an identity as a bookish preppy hustler, presaging the character Stringer Bell on The Wire, which lead to his interest in the relationship between erudition and masculinity in Black culture.  The book has received praised from members of the Black male literati.

Dr. Max hopes to leverage his education, experiences, and social capital to serve the most marginalized communities based on first-hand knowledge of the streets, illiteracy, poverty, and violence. A renowned omnivore and a notorious soccer dad, Hunter, enjoys cooking, dining out, listening to music with his boys in their convertible VW, and people watching while strolling Alki Beach with his family in West Seattle.

Quadri Oguntade 



Quadri is the Managing Partner of Wisdom Atom Industries, a private investment firm investing in mid-market businesses in the engineering, manufacturing, clean energy, and technology industries.

He recently worked as a Senior Technical product manager at Amazon Alexa AI, building products for AI/ML engineers and scientists. He also worked at Deloitte Consulting as a Management and Technology consultant, where he helped Fortune 100 organizations innovate, transform and use data analytics to bring bold strategies to life.

He served as the CTO for Bright Future and CEO and co-founder of an EdTech startup called Novustack, which aims to provide opportunities for people interested in innovation & entrepreneurship, and engineers interested in transitioning to Web3 technologies.

He earned his Bachelor's and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the North Carolina State University and will be completing his MBA and MPA degree at the MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School.