HBAS Statement on Harvard

Admissions Lawsuit

The Harvard Black Alumni Society (HBAS) is deeply troubled by the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. Harvard College.  In 2018, HBAS engaged the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to draft amicus briefs and represent HBAS’ support of Harvard in the lawsuit, which seeks to end the limited consideration of race within its holistic admissions process and overturn 40 years of Supreme Court precedent. Our decision to get involved in this case was thoughtful and intentional and we reaffirm our position in support of Harvard College. We stand with Harvard for many reasons.  Among them is a deep understanding of the historical context that leads to disproportionate socio-economic outcomes for people of color.  It is also our sincere belief that diversity—including racial—is vital to a complete educational experience.