Message to the Class of 2022:


Welcome to the Harvard Black Alumni Community!

Dear graduates,


       Congratulations!  I'm proud of what you've accomplished so far and excited for what's to come.  As President of the Harvard Black Alumni Society, my goal is to make HBAS a part of your next chapter!

        HBAS is an officially recognized community of Black alums from all Harvard schools founded in 2002.  We hosted our first Harvard Black Alumni Reunion Weekend in 2003, where alums from all class years came together in fellowship.  Since then, HBAS has hosted several reunion weekends- including a virtual one last year- expanded its membership and Board to include alums from all Harvard graduate schools and the College, and has local chapters in cities throughout the country.

        When I was in College, the Black community at Harvard did so much for my spirit because it made me feel like I belonged.  What I realized through my involvement with HBAS is what connects me to you and us to, for example, the *first Black female Supreme Court Justice of the U.S. Ketanji Brown Jackson* is that we found strength, friendship, confidence, fun, and/or love within the Harvard Black community.  HBAS is simply forum for Black Harvard alumni to convene, re-connect, and be of service the Harvard community, the Black community, and to each other.

         We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.  Learn more about our membership benefits here and how to join here.

         Congratulations and welcome to the Harvard Black alumni community.


Monica Clark

HBAS President