HBAS Congratulates President-Elect 

Claudine Gay


The Harvard Black Alumni Society congratulates Claudine Gay on her appointment as the 30th President of Harvard!  Her tenure begins July 1, 2023.

A native New Yorker and daughter of Haitian immigrants, Dr. Gay graduated from Stanford in 1992 and received her Ph.D. in government from Harvard in 1998.  She currently serves as Edgerley Family Dean of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and, among other credentials, the President-Elect previously served as professor of government and African and African American Studies at Harvard.

Dr. Gay’s appointment as the first Black and second woman President of Harvard has special meaning to our community. It already makes many of us feel more connected to the University. It is exciting and surreal to know that not only a Black woman, but one well-versed in African and African American studies will now be leading Harvard. Her appointment is also a powerful statement in a year when the school formally acknowledged its legacy of slavery and is defending its ability to build a diverse class in the U.S. Supreme Court.  

We are so proud of Dr. Gay and cannot wait to witness and support her as she tackles this important role!  Congratulations again!