ec7b3fd6-6f86-40c8-a6c3-fe06c7ef1b15We are excited to announce that the Thank God It's Natural Foundation donated $40,000 to the Harvard Black Alumni Society on behalf of HBAS founder and first president Chris-Tia Donaldson AB '00, JD '03.

We want to thank those of you who answered our call for videos, memories and pictures of Chris-Tia.  We shared your contributions during an intimate brunch and gift presentation at the Detroit Foundation Hotel on May 20, 2023.  Former HBAS presidents Mark Price AB '97, MBA '04, Yvonne Osirim AB '01, JD '07, and Danice Woodley AB '00, JD '05 spoke eloquently to Chris-Tia's father, the Thank God It's Natural Foundation Board, friends, family, and Harvard Black alums about their memories of Chris-Tia and launching HBAS- an organization that has become so dear to many of us over the last 21 years.  We are deeply grateful for Chris-Tia's continued support and faith in HBAS. 

During my 9 years on the HBAS Board, Chris-Tia was ever-present as  HBAS' godmother, sage creator, and eventually guardian angel, and I was always deeply aware of her impact on my fellow Board members and the organization itself.  My goal during my tenure as HBAS President is to honor her legacy in the same way she has always honored HBAS. 

As we wrote to you in 2021, Chris-Tia Donaldson is and will continue to be remembered fondly for her commitment to service, her warmth, her unrelenting candor, and her selflessness.